OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, December 12


QUESTION: Do you think some of the postings on this site are hate speech?


  1. It's an anonymous web forum, of course there will be people saying ridiculous things on here. What you define as hate speech could differ from one someone else defines it as.

    A good example is that thread about the whole Palestine-Israel conflict thread, depending on your perspective you could find only one side of the argument hate speech, or both. I think it's nice that people can get all that out of their system on here and *hopefully* be a bit more civilized when they aren't behind a keyboard.

  2. hate speech? is that like rape culture? whatever, stupid SJW feminazis, OP is still a faggot

    1. The amount of fedora and doritos emanating from this comment is astounding

  3. Hate speech has a legally binding definition in the Criminal Code, involving "incitement to hatred" of a specific group.

    So no, it's not hate speech. It's just stupidity.

  4. The internet is not a soundboard for stupidity, immune from ridicule.