OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, December 12


QUESTION: what do you do if your roommate keeps bringing ppl in to your apartment to stay long term without asking? They aren't paying to live here and I didn't sign up to live with extra ppl. I'm talking like a few weeks at a time and it's bullshit.


  1. Why are they staying there? Don't they have their own place? If its a SO then I am fine with it, as long as they share the roommates share of everything, or contribute more. For example if their SO helps clean, pays a bit for the extra utilities being used, and is basically a good person, they would be welcome to eat with us, watch movies with us, basically be another roommate. If they just leech off everyone, they can GTFO.

  2. What does the lease say about it? Usually something about no longterm overnight guests. If they're really inconsiderate and don't help out like 1 says, speak to the landlord.

  3. Talk to your roommate. Let them know that some heads up would be nice and if they are staying long term/ moving in, helping with utilities would be expected. This isn't hard.

    1. yeah this should be like first course of action