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Updated on Friday, December 12


QUESTION: How is the Personal Financial Planning (AFM 321) course not open to all students?!!! I think Personal Financing is too important especially with so many graduates accumulating over $30,000 in debt in Canada. Why isn’t personal finance taught to all students? Where can I get this type of education?


  1. Because it wouldn't be financially responsible to take it. Why pay tuition on a course when you can buy a book, or read online? All it takes is a bit of initiative. I think a PD course on personal finance would be great though.

    1. a PD course on personal finance would actually be the most useful thing

  2. That course is fairly advanced. There's a wealth of financial knowledge you would already need to grasp that course fully. That being said they could make a non major version but really that's more of a community college/DIY thing

  3. For the exact same reason that engineering courses are only open to engineering students. AFM courses are part of the school of accounting and finance and thereby are only open to students within that school. Students who pay significantly higher tuition to take those classes.

    Also its not a course on simple financial management and planning for an everyday person. Finance is a complicated and technical subject and hte course is intended for students who have taken previous courses to be able to understand it.