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Updated on Sunday, December 7


QUESTION: Ever had a professor inspire you, or have a signifiant effect on your life?


  1. for sure, two of my bio profs

  2. Yup. From a previous school I went to before transferring...he has been a big influence in my academic career and we go for dinner once every few months still and have an occasional phone call to catch up/get insight on school stuff.

    1. Does he inspire your butthole?

  3. Not a professor yet, but a high school teacher. I consider her one of my good friends now and we talk about all sorts of things. I try to visit when I go home for breaks, we go out for coffee or breakfast. She's a big part of the reason why I want to be a high school teacher :)

  4. One high school teacher, chemistry, i think she has done a lot of acid in her time.
    One prof, doing Masters with him

  5. My high school calculus/physics teacher who was incredibly enthusiastic about the subject.
    My high school biology teacher and chem teacher were both very humorous and their class was very fun.
    In UW, my first year algebra prof made me love a subject I had no particular interest.
    My second year calculus prof made me dream about equations and manifolds and constantly amazes me every class.