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Updated on Saturday, December 6


QUESTION: Anyone gotten back with their ex before? How did it turn out?


  1. Yes. Well...then not so well.

    You see, the problem is that the issues that led us to break up in the first place, just reemerged months later.

    Feeling lonely, or missing the person may be the root of your desire to get back to them (just assuming-but of course I could be wrong). But take a step back and consider what exactly has changed, and will this solve the problems that happened the first time around.

    You could be out meeting or dating someone new- perhaps enriching your life in ways your ex didn't. Just a bonus thought.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with the reason for the initial break up. My ex and I had a mutual break up because we were going to be living in separate cities for a very long time and knew it would put a serious strain on our relationship. We are going to be moving back to our home town soon because we are both graduating. So who knows. We might end up getting back together.

  3. I got back with my ex for a bit. It was fun for a while but ultimately we decided we just weren't meant for each other.

  4. Bad! Very very bad!! I will never do it again (after having done it several times with different guys...). But my cousin did it, and is now married to the guy and has 3 beautiful guess they're the super rare exception.

  5. ^ or she did it, had a baby accidentally and now is stuck n unhappy.

    1. The baby was like a year after they got married...