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Updated on Wednesday, December 3


QUESTION: One of my guy friends has been calling me a lot lately. We are close and we used to hang out all the time but we live far from each other now. Is it normal though to keep in touch by calling friends every couple of days or so? I keep in touch with my other friends but I don't call them regularly...I text/fb message and Skype them once in awhile but I don't usually call. Do you think he likes me or I'm reading in to it too much and people actually call each regularly? I guess it used to be like this back in the day. If you wanted to talk to someone then you'd call the person instead of texting them.


  1. Some people just like to call instead of text. My 4th year project group over the summer would call each other instead of texting to plan lab times or game nights.

    It is hard to tell if he is just friendly or interested. But don't start anything at a distance. Don't lead him on to thinking you like him, unless you do, but its not the greatest idea to start a relationship when you can't see them frequently for the first couple months. Not saying it can't work, just it has lower odds of lasting.

  2. calling is not usual, i think he's into you :)