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Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION: As exams draw nigh... What are your experiences with profs rounding grades?


  1. Grades are entered as fractions. Final grades are rounded using normal rules

  2. Well some profs I have come across are nice so if you have a 79 and you go for an exam review they will bump you up to an 80. Others *cough* Brent Matheson will probably be a dick and just tell you to fuck off without even checking the paper or threatening to cut marks. Point is study hard and accent what you get.

    1. 1 here, lol you mad? Matheson is an awesome prof. I had him for actsc 371 last term and he seemed totally fair. A TA legitimately didn't understand actuarial notation and took marks off a midterm I wrote because they had no idea what I wrote, he gave me all the appropriate marks when I went to go see him. Let me guess you're just a grade grubber whining about wanting more for nothing

  3. My mom has a great view on grade bumping and trying to get extra marks on exams. If you feel your exam deserves more marks, she will personally remark the whole thing, giving you the exact mark that it deserves. Most of the time the grade drops because the TAs are not very good. An error in adding the marks would not be a regrade though, since you are not questioning the content, just the addition.

    That being said, if you got 48 or 49, she will bump you to 50.