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Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION: thoughts on econ 102?(1a eng who just picked that as their elective)


  1. What about it do you want to know? Difficulty? Usefulness? How interesting it is? I'm a math student, econ 102 is easy, just like econ 101. It goes over stuff like GDP/GNP, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, globalization(?), etc.

  2. I took Econ 101 as my first free elective in Eng. Didn't go to any of the lectures; the material was pretty easy to cram.

    I've heard 102 is similar in terms of difficulty.

  3. It's straightforward, easy, interesting, and relevant. News about the economy will make more sense after taking that course.

  4. If you are comfortable with understanding econ stuffs and memorizing stuff, then go ahead and take it.
    I felt the course was boring, too much to remember and didn't really enjoy it. But, managed to get a final grade of 75%. I'm not really happy with the grade but I'm glad I'm done with it.

  5. It's a 100 level course. Its a joke. (Yes that include eng courses.)