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Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION:  have a hot graduate TA for one of my classes and the semester is over. Can I ask her out? What are the odds of her saying yes to a first year (which I'm assuming if she's in graduate school she has to be a couple years older then me and i'm 18) advice?

- boy into cougars


  1. Not sure what a graduate student would want with an 18 year old .. kinda creepy

  2. As a graduate TA, I don't think I'd ever see a student - especially not a first year. This isn't so much because of the age gap but more because it's impossible to be attracted to most of you after seeing the work you turn in.

    1. lolol

      (that's pretty stupid though)

    2. As a former TA, 2 is right. Some of the stuff turned in is revolting. How some of these people managed to get into a half decent University honestly astounds me;

    3. 4th year, accepted for graduate school.

      Even now I wouldn't consider dating a first year. If I met you at the bar I would consider taking you home if you were mature and good looking, but not dating.

  3. 2 ^ thats not very nice!

  4. If I was your TA, I would definitely not date you because 1) you would probably not be my type 2) we're both at different life stages.

  5. yeah, you're at completely different life stages, I don't think it would be likely.

  6. starting grad school next year. I would only date an undergrad if they were in a program that wasn't common to go for grad school, and we were going to graduate at the same time.

    That being said, I wouldn't date someone who didn't have the same or better education I have.

  7. Grad student dating a first year? Not likely.

    I'd say you both would have to be in undergrad to start dating. At least.
    I'm in 4th year and my boyfriend is a grad student (just started his second year of his Master's). We've been together since the end of my first year and the middle of his third year (he was in co-op). However it blows people's minds that I am not a grad student like he is and that I am younger by over 3 years.

    Maybe a grad student would date an upper year, but grad students generally never interact with undergrads on campus outside of being TAs.

    If it is even possible to date a grad student as a first year, you two would have to be extremely compatible or else the difference in age and maturity level is going to kick you hard.

  8. Judging by the fact that you're into her just because you're 'into cougars' I'm gonna go ahead and say it's probably not gonna work out.

  9. Cougar?! Dude, she's probably 23-24. Since when is that considered "cougar"?

  10. I can't wait til OP is 19 and old enough to meet real cougars.

    If you see one, though, don't try to approach. Make yourself appear large and back away slowly.

  11. Yeah this is probably a bad idea.

    First of all, that's kind of a violation of professional standards (power dynamic).

    Also, though it may not seem like it to you, there's actually a huge life/experience gap (take it from someone in grad studies- first years look like toddlers from this viewpoint).

    Lastly, the only reason you've given us is that she is "hot." I would hope there is a more compelling reason than that (her personality, intelligence, etc.).

    On a lighter note, if she's in grad school, that might not pass the "Half Your Age Plus 7 Rule" lol.