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Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION: When is the CIF gym truly dead?

I'm talking like 10 people max. I went this Monday at 7:30am and there probably 30+...


  1. Never. I go after 10pm and it's still fairly full though not packed. I've been there till almost closing time and there's still more than 10 people there. Though again, you'd be able to use whatever is needed at that time most likely.

  2. I haven't been as good at going this semester, but "my time" would usually be an hour and a half between 9 PM - 11 and it's exactly like 1 said.

    They usually have less people on Friday and Saturday nights, for good reason.

  3. If I told you, there would be 11 people max and I don't want that.

  4. Why would you care if there are 30 people... They're not going to all be doing what you're doing when you do it. Even at the busiest times if all the deadlift space is taken I can just do something else for 15 minutes