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Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION: What is the entry average into the Computational Mathematics Major? I heard that most math majors are 60% entry average with a few exceptions like Act Sci


  1. Lol, what, 60% entry average? I'm not sure anymore but when I was in HS, I was aiming for 80% average but that was 4 years ago. Also, math had that damn AIF form.

  2. I have a feeling that OP is confusing the cumulative average requirements of the programs with the entry average needed to get in.

  3. If you're in highschool, and want to enter a math program at UW, with the exception of direct entry programs like FARM/CS etc... you need to get into honours mathematics first. Basically to get into anything math related at UW you'll need high 80's/low 90's in highschool. Once you're in whatever program you're in, you need to satisfy the average requirements of that program. 60 is the minimum for most math programs, but a lot have higher. To get into limited enrollment plan (CS, ITM, Mathbus FARM, etc) you need to out compete the other applicants (usually 75+)

  4. I got into general math with a 94-ish%. Getting into entry-level specialties is going to be a little harder than getting into general math, so I'd aim for 90%+.

  5. I would suggest to contact the university directly and inquire. It really depends if you're educated in Ontario imo. Ontario high school marks are inflated by at least 15-20% from what I've seen. If you're from out west where they actually grade properly you may have a chance with a lower average. Honestly, Ontario students are semi-retarded from what I have found.

    1. This is totally true, especially for Math. I went to school in Ontario and got 100 in two of the three grade 12 math courses... there is no material whatsoever. It's not so much that the students are retarded though, they just don't present any challenges to the students, so they don't get to learn anything