OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, November 30


QUESTION: For people living in 1 Columbia, what is the progress of the building? I'm going to subletting there for the winter, I know the gym and game room are still not ready, anything else I should know? Do you guys know when the gym is supposed to be ready? would be nice to have it in the apartment while i'm there


  1. Lol it's safe to say that you fucked up.

  2. As of right now, the only amenities that are ready are your apartment itself and the laundry room. No idea when the gym or lounges will be ready, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    In terms of the actual rooms, they're nice and spacious but I know quite a few people have been reporting maintenance issues (toilets not working, leaks, broken doors etc). The internet has been having some issues here and there too. Lots of unnecessary fire evacuations at ungodly hours.The maintenance people have been pretty prompt though. They cheaped out big time on the furnishings, I would recommend bringing/buying a more comfortable desk chair because the ones they provide are worse than the classroom chairs at St. Jerome's. The bed... don't expect it to be comfortable. It's a cheap metal frame and the foam mattress has zero support, so when you sit on the bed you can feel the metal bars. So if you can, bring an extra mattress from home or something.

    Overall, it's a nice building for looks, but they're lacking in a lot of practical areas. I kinda wish I had run when I had the chance back in September. Don't base your expectations on what you were promised from Schembri at the beginning, that's for sure.

  3. I'm curious as to your thought process. I'm imagining you surfing Kijiji one day when you come across an interesting ad - somebody is looking for a subleaser for 1 Columbia! You've heard of this place, so it must have some celebrity appeal.

    Deciding that there's really no point in looking any further, you immediately contact the resident of this place you know is famous for not actually existing and begin to haggle. It isn't long before you've worked out a time to pick up the keys to the joint owned and operated by a company which recently suffered a massive scandal and had to pay a bunch of its operating budget in settlement money. Just in time for the long, hard winter months!

  4. Okay I should've worded it differently, I haven't signed the lease or given any money yet. I can still back out

    1. 4 was a little harsh but really, you should back out.