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Updated on Tuesday, November 25


QUESTION: If I'm in Waterloo engineering, will it be easier for me to get into waterloo grad school? Another question is, if I have lower gpa than what's mentioned on the requirement website, is it impossible for me to get in? Or it depends on profs? If it depends on profs, will it still be hard if gpa is low? Sorry for so many questions! :)

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  1. In UW's case, even if you're a weak applicant, if a professor specifically wants to accept you (for MASc or Phd), then he can get you in as long as you meet the minimum requirements. If you don't meet the minimum requirements, the admissions committee will most likely reject you regardless of what he/she says. A weak applicant will probably have a tough time getting any sort of scholarships though, and if you're having difficulty getting good marks in undergrad then I would question whether grad school (which always requires taking courses) is the best place for you to be. Even if you're a top applicant, if no prof wants to work with you then UW won't give you admission into MASc or Phd. If I were you I'd focus on trying to work with a prof on research (maybe through a URA) and bringing up your marks so that you pass the cutoff. If you want to do MEng, then profs aren't that involved since the degree is course-driven, so basically you just need money and a competitive application. You definitely won't get in to MEng without meeting minimum requirements.