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QUESTION: Anyone in math/science/engineering have experience with both Maple and Matlab, which one do you think is better? Some of my profs recommend one but others recommend the other. I only want to buy one since they are both expensive.
By the way, can either one of them cover the functionality of R?


  1. Maple is very cheap for students so I use it when I'm at home off campus.
    Matlab is ridiculously expensive but all the computers in MC as well as B1 have it so it's essentially free as long as you are on campus.

    Matlab is a much more powerful piece of software although Matlab has a nice GUI so it may be more accessible for beginners.

    Then again, Matlab is THE industry standard so I recommend you learn how to use it. Every since coop job I have ever had involved me programming in Matlab.

  2. Maple and MATLAB are not directly comparable to one another. MATLAB is much more powerful and capable of a much larger array of applications compared to maple which is more of a student resource to be honest.

  3. MATLAB is cool, need to learn it! i torrented it for free. i used maple in my first year. i don't know about others, but i still it is kinda excessive.
    i like R the most because most of my courses were taught using it, however i was told it is not used much at work.

  4. So much MATLAB love in this thread :). A lot of people hate matlab so this is refreshing

  5. They're two different programs for solving different problems. Matlab is for numerical computation, while Maple is designed for symbolic computation. It depends on what you need, but numerical computation is far more common. Symbolic computation is nice when you need exact solutions (not approximations), but it's a much harder problem.

    As for R, statisticians in industry tend to use python these days anyway.

  6. How I read this:

    Which is better, apples or oranges?
    Oh btw, what about a moose? How are those?

    As someone who's used all three tools, they have different purposes and aren't directly comparable. Your questions don't make any sense to me.

  7. To answer your R question, MATLAB covers lots of the things R can do, and Maple would probably not, though I never would have tried to use it for stats stuff.

  8. Go on campus, Remote Desktop or SSH in if you have access.