OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, November 17


QUESTION: I need to take one more online elective course next term.. I'm considering taking FINE130 (Intro to DIgital Imaging). Any suggestions?


  1. I took Fine 130 in the summer. If you have any photoshop skills, this will be a fairly easy course. If you have never used photoshop before but have decent computer skills and some artistic ability, you will be fine. If you suck at computers and have some artistic ability, you might be ok. If you have neither of those skills, don't bother. Even so, max you will get is 85.

  2. I'm taking it right now. I don't have any prior photoshop skills and it's not the photoshop portion that I'm finding overly challenging. They give you tutorials to watch online that are very thorough. Coming up with ideas, the concept, is what is difficult for me. I'm pretty creative but am finding this course a bit challenging. Oh, and you'll have to purchase a subscription to and buy/ download photoshop too, if cost is a consideration.