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Updated on Saturday, November 15


QUESTION: Anyone leasing with Sage condos? How is it?


  1. Rented at Sage I last year, the building itself was nice enough. I liked the gym, ensuite laundry was a major blessing, and I also got the nicest room in the unit. However, the construction that was going next to Sage was BRUTAL. Couldn't sleep past 7am, couldn't start studying until 7pm. Also, Domus didn't give me any warnings prior to room visits/tours (had a group walk in my room while bf and I were sleeping), parking was shitty, and they weren't immediately responsive to any maintenance concerns of mine (there was mould in my room, noisy vents, and my shower water usually wasn't very hot). They got around to it eventually, but still... Also, if the fire alarm went off, Domus would take their sweet ass time turning it off. One time it was on non-stop for over two hours, and it was really cold outside.

    I don't think I would rent with them again unless their prices went way down. There are better buildings in Waterloo for a similar price, with similar amenities. I recommend Bridgeport House or Luxe II - by far my favourite buildings I've rented from.

    1. What's the price range for Sage?

    2. Most of my roomies were paying 710, but since I was subletting for winter/spring I only paid 600.