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Updated on Saturday, November 15


QUESTION: hypothetically what would happen if someone had enough courses to graduate but didn't have all their program requirements? could they still graduate with some kind of "general" degree?


  1. Totally depends on the courses you have. Like if you were in the math faculty you could probably get a math studies honours degree, in science you could get general science, in arts I think you can do liberal arts. You'd still need the requirements for those programs though.

    1. I forgot to add: There's no "Take any 40 courses" degree out there if that's what you're looking for. All faculties have some sort of basic requirement that has to be fulfilled, some requirements are just more rigid than others (ie every single person with a bmath took math 135 vs say the breadth requirements for arts, where you have to take humanities, social sciences etc but not specifically "econ 101")

  2. Even general degrees have requirements. Check the undergraduate calendar for your year. A school can't give you a degree just for taking any load of courses.

  3. also you would have to formally switch your program to the more general ones first, you can't just say you want that on your diploma instead.