OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, November 11


QUESTION: who do your ex's and current SO's look like?


  1. Alexandra Stan, especially from her music video for Lollipop

  2. A little too close to one of my classmates for me to be comfortable bringing her to a class party right now........seriously, the resemblance is uncanny now that I think about it.

  3. From high school blonde blue-eyed ex-boyfriend of the same age to being single for first year uni to my current brown-haired blue/green-eyed boyfriend 3 years older than me.
    Neither look like anyone else I've ever seen.

  4. Ex - Alexi from Children of was a phase, don't judge.

    Current - I have no clue...a regular 6 foot tall medium build brown hair with beard guy? Seriously...he just looks like an average Canadian. I can't think of a celebrity that fits him to a tee.

  5. Hmm... all except one have had freckles. I've got a thing for men with green/hazel/brown eyes with freckles. Even all of my childhood crushes had them. Apparently I find sun damage and a predisposition for melanoma hot.