OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, November 8


QUESTION: I'm a guy who weight trains, mostly barbell work, some machines:
Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Overhead Press, Rows, Curls for barbell, Pullups, tricep pressdown, calf raise for machines. One more thing, I need to put a 45lb plate, or ideally a block about 2 inch high under the weights to make the bar higher for Deadlifts.
So, PAC vs CIF, which one's better/more approppriate/suitable for what I'm doing?


  1. .. have you considered checking out both gyms? You'll still be able to do whatever you need at either one, give or take. It's mostly a matter of preference and location.

    PAC stinks though.

  2. I think what you mean is you need to stretch more so you can reach your deadlifts.

    1. I can, but it gives me pain and discomfort. This about this: The bar height is completely arbitrary, it depends on the diameter of the 45lb plates (they are standard diameter, but not because of DL's, but because they would allow enough space not to crush Oly lifters' heads had they needed to drop the bar). So, how high it bar needs to be depends on each individual, and for some people it's just not ideal to have it at 8ish inches high)

    2. Sorry for the typos, hope I was clear