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Updated on Saturday, November 8


QUESTION: What to do about a professor that treats students with foreign accents badly? basically answers to their questions in a condescending way.


  1. You can't really. Calling out a professor could be bad on you as a student if they don't like you, and offend them to a point where they wouldn't even answer your initial question properly. I would suggest emailing them instead or speaking with a TA (one is not so condescending).

  2. Submit an anonymous complaint to the chair of the prof's department. It will reflect very badly on him when it comes to performance evaluations, if nothing else.

  3. You can bring it up with the University administration through the Conflict Management and Human Rights Office (CMAHRO), it's the office that deals with "matters of harassment, discrimination, and other general forms of conflict".

    They keep your identity confidential, can provide resources and information about what to do regarding your complaint, and can provide dispute resolution help.

    CMAHRO is on the 4th floor of MC and you can phone them at ext. 39526 to make an appointment (they say appointments are recommended but not required).

  4. Report him/her. It's probably not the first time it's happened, and it will reflect badly on him/her come performance time (which ultimately reflect on his/her pay raise).

    1. Exactly OP, this is discrimination and you should not have to tolerate it.