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Updated on Friday, November 7


QUESTION: Anyone who's taken ENGL 210F right now: what are your thoughts on the class? I'm considering taking it online but I've gotten mixed reviews from my friends who have taken it in the past. Is it difficult and how is the marking?


  1. I took it online. Used the textbook for almost every assignment.
    It was a pretty easy class but there was lots of group work.

  2. I'm taking it online. I never even bought the textbook. I also think it's pretty easy. It's like the workload of a PD course.

  3. It is really easy.

  4. With effort - high 80's or 90's.
    No effort - 70's or 80's.

    Hey, as long as you can avoid grammatical errors and stick to the formatting, it's fair game and pretty simple. TA's usually mark the assignments, so it obviously depends on who you receive.

  5. Got a terrible TA and it seemed like he was out to get me. The group project sucked. I took it because I needed an English credit and people said it was easy but I ended up with a 70 after getting perfect on the final exam.

  6. I took it online. I got a 91. If you get a good group, in which everyone pulls their weight, you'll be fine.