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Updated on Friday, November 7


QUESTION: Anyone else terrified of Professor Kitchen? She is a professor in political science and she is very intimidating (really smart and straight to the point) any advice for dealing with profs that aren't exactly approachable


  1. I thought she was one of the least intimidating profs I ever had, though I only took half of a course with her (it was a PSCI elective, and the profs tagged out halfway through).

  2. I have taken one of her classes (the split class noted above) and gone to her a few times for degree requirement needs (she is the adviser person thingy).

    Yea she is a bit intimidating, but she is actually nice so long as you aren't lazy. If you need to talk to her, have your questions ready, do your background work first, and don't waste her time.
    (you should really do this anytime you go to talk to a prof)

    I have always gone prepared and she has been nothing but nice and helpful.

    1. sounds a lot like Miskovic, ... ehh

  3. Don't be intimidated She's really nice and not at all scary.

  4. Not to mention rude too.

  5. I can see why some of you would say intimidating, but WTF she's not rude!