OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, November 6


QUESTION: I had the question about the missed appointment fee (sorry I forgot to check back on it). For people who say I should pay... I had no knowledge about it. And, so if they tell me to pay $3000 dollars because I missed it, I should pay it? Where's logic in that..

Anyway, is Dr. Gauthier that bad? This is my last appointment with them, I'm really hoping I won't get f-d over by them with this filling correction...

And yes, they do suck big time.


  1. So you expected them to just reserve you a spot--basically taking money out of their own pocket--in case you wanted to show up? If the role were reversed, would you want your clients doing this to you? It's a standard fee (I doubt their missed appt fee is $3000, that's exorbitant); having "no knowledge of it" is not a valid excuse. Ignorance doesn't acquit you of responsibility. Chalk it up as one of those painful lessons learned. Welcome to the real world.

  2. Fuck that you don't gotta pay shit. Just go to another dentist.

  3. I've never heard of a missed app. fee being more than $50.
    Really though, pay the damn bill. You missed an appointment where they could have been making money. No matter what your opinion of them is, you owe them fair and square.
    Grow up.

  4. I think OP meant to say 30.00 dollars but forgot a decimal!

  5. I had an appointment with Dr Gauthier myself, and I was frankly terrified because of all the negative reviews of her. However, it ended up being a really nice hygienist cleaning my teeth most of the time, and Dr Gauthier came in herself to check my teeth and tell me my mouth was stable with no cavities. I floss, mouthwash, and brush my teeth daily though.

  6. You guys are such pussies. Don't pay the goddam fee. Nothing will happen. If you feel like you have too much money or are afraid of some one's goddam made up policies, then be my guest...

    1. This. You think they're gonna send collection agencies for $50? They hardly have a case if you didn't sign a contract. Just don't pay and let them run after the money if they're motivated enough.

  7. If you consider Dr. Gauthier at this point, you're way past stupid and into clinically mentally handicapped territory.

    Recap: OMGUW post got deleted after mods pussied out after Dr. Gauthier's threats to actually sue negative reviewers for defamation. If this is the person you trust, good luck to you.