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Updated on Monday, November 3


QUESTION: Girlfriend might switch sequence because employers called her back. I support her decision, but long distance is horrible...I seriously hate it. Any advice? :(

We'd be off sequence until we graduate.


  1. Visit each other. My boyfriend is on a study term right now, so every other weekend, I either come up to loo by bus or carpool to see him. Or he comes back home to Toronto and I see him then.

    We're also off-stream until we graduate depending on which stream he chooses during his 3B term. I would say make a resolution to see each other at least once a month. Text during the day, and text good morning with a conversation opener so that you guys can text each other throughout the day.

    Just call her when you're walking home and ask her to do the same. Set weekly dates to have Skype sessions. Plan something and make a trip somewhere within the two weeks after the term ends. It's not so bad. My boyfriend and I always try to make every moment count when we're together cause we know we have to leave each other soon, making our visits so much more memorable.

    That's honestly all I can offer. A lot of it also depends on how secure your relationship is and if you're a jealous person or if you need constant physical touch. I try to keep myself occupied so that I won't feel so sad and lonely.

  2. Me and my bf are off-stream as well. We have been luckily found co-op jobs not too far from loo and he has a car. Visiting has been relatively easy for us. The only trouble I found is that the one on study term is always too busy with work to hang out frequently, and the one on co-op is always so chill and wants to hang often.

    I'd say if one finds a job far from loo then it's relatively hard to maintain the relationship... but if you guys can go through this then it's a prove of your love :)