OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, November 3


Does anyone known any reasonably priced places that are quiet? By quiet I mean, I don't hear excessive stomping, slamming doors, loud voices, guests over every day, etc...

Hence, I'm looking for a place that has
a)really strong soundproofing
b)considerate/no roommates/roommates that are never there

I'm asking here for honest/unbiased opinions based on previous experiences. So please do not advertise your own place .__.;


  1. You're going to have a realllly hard time finding somewhere like that.
    Unless you want to buy your own house, I would invest in some ear plugs and/or a white noise machine.

  2. What do you consider reasonably priced? You'll definitely want a place that isn't typically student housing. Look for ads where the roommates are quiet, studious people, grad students, or young working professionals as they tend to be busy.

  3. I used to live on Hazel, close to the Dollarama plaza. Surprisingly quiet, $400/month all inclusive. Place isn't the most updated, but never any issues with heating/water/maintenance.

  4. OP here. I'm willing to pay up to $700/month ^^
    And it's that THAT hard to find a reasonably quiet place that isn't over priced? Waterloo must be over-run with inconside, loud people then.
    A lot of landlords advertise their place as being "quiet" cuz they know that's some people want, but is rarely the case.

  5. Easy solution:
    Get a couple friends who also want a quiet clean house, and rent and actual house. Not an apartment, but a detached house. I find houses are cheaper than 700 when you have two friends with you. Downtown Ottawa with 3 friends, detached house, $500 each. House stayed clean because I picked people who I knew liked to be clean. It was co-op so we didn't care about noise, but when we had to do PD, the house was quiet.