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Updated on Monday, November 3


QUESTION: How do you all get over being jealous?


  1. The trick is to grow up.

  2. Gain more self confidence.

  3. Practice gratitude for what you do have.

  4. Being jealous is good. It will make you strive for the next step. Just don't let it make you unhappy. If it is making you unhappy, learn to be satisfied more with what you have.

  5. I think the first step is to acknowledge feeling the jealousy, and then to not act on it. Act based on better things.

    Sometimes there's not a way to stop feeling what you're feeling, or at least not right away. But if you act differently than how you feel, sometimes the feeling will change too.

  6. Figure out the root of the jealousy.

    For example; if you get jealous when your girlfriend talks to other guys - is it because you don't trust her or is it because you feel insecure about yourself and fear you don't interest her.

    Another example; your friend gets higher grades with less work than you. Are you really envious of them for being able to pick up the subject matter easier or are while you mad that you have to skip social events in order to study to achieve the same result.

    Remember jealousy is always an internal issue. You need to reflect on your own self because the person you are jealous of has nothing to do with it.