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Updated on Monday, November 3


QUESTION: What do I do?
CECA is forcing me 2 options, as they say per policy of student who want fall out of current match:
1). Suck it up and get your coop credit
2). Renege the job and they go suggest you lose the credit to your faculty (which I will then have to go through faculty to appeal) but I don't get access to 2nd round of jobmine.

My issue: My employer is supportive of me walking away for the job, after I explained a little about my situation and is willing to help.

I need: 2nd round of jobmine.

Why:I am in 4B CS, last co-op term. but obligated to do ALL my previous co-op term in another setting (teaching) I spent the last 4 terms catching up on CS, and hoping to try industry this last co-op term. But I have no work experience. I don't do web development, mobile development. i.e. I have no skill. But I'm decent at algorithms and I can doMATLAB.

What I am most terrified of: Not being able to get industry software development experience before I graduate AND sabotage my relationship with my current employer that I got matched to, because they have been so kind (moral dilemma)

What I don't care: Coop designation.

If I choose option 2). Given my circumstance is kind of special, I will file grievance, but that could take me all the way to the end of classes, my academics, relationship with family/friends, will be jeopardized, and I still might not guarantee a job, and by the time, even if I am successful, jobmine would be practically useless anyway.

Help. What do I do?

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  1. Why did you apply for this job if you were so set on an industry position?
    This will come down to your own choice. I got matched with a terrible employer for my last coop position who had a misleading jobmine description but I stuck it out since it was my last coop term anyways. I'm going to try to get some more relevant experience once I'm out of school.
    It's a tough call but you're gonna have to decide and stick with it. But you need to decide soon because the employer might need time to find another student if you back out.
    Just keep in mind even if you manage to back out and get access to jobmine there's still no guarantee you'll get the ideal position. That's just a fact of coop.