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Updated on Thursday, October 9


QUESTION: For those who have co-op experience, are there a lot of people who get matched to jobs in the U.S. or is a large majority of the jobs in Canada? Anyone who's done a co-op term in the U.S. and how was it like managing life there? (Thinking about possibly applying for U.S. co-op jobs in the future, faculty of Arts)


  1. I'm not sure what the numbers are percentage-wise, but I know this term saw a few hundred people heading down to the U.S. There's certainly a lot that needs to be prepared in terms of VISA documents, housing, bank accounts, social security numbers, and so on, but once that's all sorted out, it really isn't any harder to manage than a co-op term in Canada.

  2. Good luck. I'm in Arts, and have been trying since my first co-op term to get a spot in the US, but the majority of jobs for Arts students are in Canada. I'd say that around 1 - 2% of jobs for Arts are available in the US depending on the term/your plan. My boyfriend was in Engineering here, and he got 4/5 co-op jobs in the States, which is similar to most of his friends in his program. He said that it was pretty lonely in places like Chicago or Seattle where there's less co-op students from UW, but San Fran he found pretty easy to adjust to.

    Either way, good luck! And if you want to work there, go for it!