OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, October 29


QUESTION: There is no definition of justice and CECS is it.

I've been matched by accident to a wonderful employer (in fact the employer was probably surprised that they got me, I actually sort of know them out side of jobmine), who were so kind and understanding to let me go to second round to get a different job for my benefit after I've explained my 'special' situation. (In a forced program, where nearly all my co-op terms were obligated to be teaching related, and this is my only free co-op term). CECS will contact the Faculty Relations and penalize me accordingly because I did not got through the student advisor for CECS first - because obviously they would've chopped my head off had I told them I am signing off a matched job.

Also this employer is an on-campus employer.

I delayed my graduation by a whole year taking CS courses, initially just to gain knowledge. But here's also hoping I would be able to at least try the industry before I send myself to Nunavik to help dear high schoolers not drop out of school because the world has no justice. I am now super paranoid waiting for the student advisor to get back to me tomorrow, I cannot focus and study, and am getting a budding murderous intent. What do I do?


  1. I don't even know what you're asking. Feels like you just told me 3 completely unrelated stories.

  2. It sounds like you knowingly went against what coop students are expected to do in this situation (not going through the student advisor because you didn't like what they'd say) and now have to deal with the fall-out. Not sure what any of this has to do with there being no justice in the world... you broke the rules and got caught, didn't you?

  3. To answer person #2 - no I did not know. In fact I thought that it's the NORM that recruiters contact students outside of jobmine. and vice versa, especially after you are matched, you get that message that you are now free to contact the employer. I just learnt that I needed to go through the co-op student advisor after she told me so. Secondly, in terms of justice - how is it that myself and the employer mutually agree, but CECS needs to butt in, where is their business in this whole fall-out?

    1. Their business in it is that they build a co-op program off of returning employers. When you let the students get away with cancelling jobs, skipping interviews, etc., it sends a bad message to the employer. If we want employers to return to recruit at Waterloo, we have to respect their time.

  4. You were told you were free to contact the employer and then, after that, told you couldn't?

    If so, you should have nothing to worry about. CECS can't make you fail your co-op term without going through your faculty's disciplinary procedures, and you'll have a chance to argue there and appeal if that's necessary (but I can't imagine it would get that far).

    Plus you don't need a fifth co-op term for teaching.