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Updated on Monday, October 27


QUESTION: Do you update the address on your driver's license every time you move to a new place in Waterloo or for co-op? It is a pain to update your address every 4 months, especially with Waterloo's co-op program.


  1. No. You should have a permanent address and then a mailing address. I update my mailing address for things I want delivered directly to me, my permanent address is my parent's house, and will stay that way until I buy a condo after graduation.

  2. God no. I have my parent's address as my permanent address for anything official like license and passport. It would be crazy to switch it for every move. I usually just get all my mail sent there too, I do all my bills online and there's nothing that vital that I get mailed to me that I would need immediately. My siblings have all done the same thing while they were in school.

  3. You're technically supposed to update within 30 days of your move (in Ontario), but I would think there's some sort of exception for co-ops.

  4. Legally you must update it each time. None of us do though. It's another one of those useless government laws.

  5. I did for my last year at UW only but this was for car insurance purposes.

    1. I don't tell insurance when I take my car for co-op. If I ever get in a crash, I "had it for the week"

  6. Nope, it is kind of like having a cottage. If you spend the whole summer at your cottage you wouldn't change your address. Co-op is the exact same, except you probably don't have a lake outside your house, and you are renting instead of owning.

  7. Double check with the Ontario ministry of transportation website or call them.

    Your address on your license and plate registration must be your current physical address and I believe you have six days to update it and you must tell your insurance as well. Insurance rates can go up or down depending on your address but it is insurance fraud to for example have a mailbox as your physical address unless you live in that mailbox and same with your license.

    It would be a ticket from the cops if they pull you over or you have an accident and very serious trouble if insurance found out and if you have a bad accident or kill someone they can null and void the policy on grounds of fraud.

    Don't take chances, double check, not worth the risk.