OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, October 25


QUESTION: Has anyone ever been hired by Imperial, Suncor, Shell, or any other big oil companies? Do they give offers through jobmine or contact the successful candidate on their own?


  1. I worked for Syncrude in the oil sands. They had the job on jobmine, but it also said to apply on their website. They did all the interviews outside of jobmine, so make sure you don't ignore a call because you don't recognize the number. They only used Jobmine to rank you. They interview people from across Canada so it is easier just to use personal phones.

  2. Yes. I didn't go through jobmine, or co-op or that matter. I simply applied directly to the company, they phoned, I was flown to the jobsite and paid a shit tonne of money. Rather easy.

  3. Just got a Suncor offer through jobmine.