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Updated on Saturday, October 25


QUESTION: Has anyone had a filling done a Campus Dentist? Did they mess up your teeth in any way? I got a fill done and now it looks like part of my tooth chipped off...


  1. take it like a man

  2. I've had terrible experiences at Campus Dentist. I had a root canal with a different dentist than did my assessment and didn't know what tooth it was to be done on and afterwards said he thought the procedure was pointless as I'd need something else done anyway. My dentist back home a month later said that was ridiculous.
    My friend recommends a dentist near Bridge and University, but I haven't been anywhere else in town personally - still looking for a good one!

  3. I've had quite a few sloppy fillings done there. Ditch them for another dentist - there are so many better ones in the area. I found Applewood Dental on King, and never looked back. :D

  4. Don't go to the campus dentist. My boyfriend went there to get a pain in his mouth checked out, they said it was fine but he had a bunch of cavities and needed to make an appointment to come back for fillings. Instead, he went home that weekend to see his regular dentist - who diagnosed the actual problem and said he didn't actually have cavities.