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Updated on Saturday, October 25


QUESTION: Thoughts on sneaking a pet dog in an apartment with a no pet policy?

(I am with Hoffaco and they are literally the worst people in the whole world and neglect their properties, even their brand new ones, completely. Also, several tenants here have pet cats)


  1. No pet clauses are illegal and unenforceable.

    Do whatever the fuck you want.

    1. This is untrue, to a point. They are legal if it was included in the original rent agreement.

    2. Actually 1A, if a landlord adds something to a lease that is illegal and you sign it, it it still unenforceable. Source: read the RTA.

      OP: you may bring a dog but know that others can complain about noise, smell, etc. and this can force your landlord to do something about it.

  2. Dogs are kind of hard to "sneak" in and hide from your neighbors, who may tell your landlord if they have a problem with it. Cats on the other hand are a lot easier to keep secret.

  3. The only way they can force you out is if it disturbs other tenants such as smelling or making too much noise.

  4. Do it.
    Fuck Hoffaco. I leased from them for 8 months and it was the worst experience of my life.
    (Also, there were a few people in my apartment with dogs so I don't think it's a big deal).