OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, October 18


QUESTION: Well, shit.

All the friends I've made in class are Stream 4.

I'm Stream 8.

Salvageable, or am I fucked for not meeting/making a first impression on any Stream 8s during O-Week?


  1. as someone who switched streams and left a lot of their friends, i'd say it's even better because now you know ppl that you would never have met otherwise. and meeting new ppl isn't really hard, you've done it once already and you'll be doing it many more times in uni and beyond.

    granted it's harder to keep in touch with your offstream friends but it just makes you value your time w/ them more. some of my best friends are offstream and honestly between lots of facebooking and the occasional hangout/drinks it's more tolerable than you'd expect.

  2. Welcome to the life as a Waterloo student. Sometimes your friends have different streams than you, but that's just the way it is. You'll make new friends in school and when you're away on your own co-ops, so don't worry about it. I have a lot of friends in different streams and different years so we don't all always match up with each other but when we do see each other it's great, and sometimes people have co-op terms in Waterloo as well. Every term I'm back I'm with a different assortment of my friends. You get used to it.

  3. no, you're not fucked. if you did it once you can do it again -- yes, you can say hi to people, they won't bite.