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Updated on Saturday, October 18


QUESTION: hellweek has been horrible so far. i feel like i'm failing all my midterms and just realized how behind on everything i am. should i do a reduced course load?


  1. Wait until you get some grades back before you go freaking out.

    As for the rest of your course load...figure out what is most important and start there. If you have job, ask for a few days off to catch up.

    Lastly, counselling services and the Student Success Office both offer lots of support for time management, stress, and efficient study habits.

  2. Definitely wait for your marks to come back. Find out where you stand and talk to your profs. Don't rush into it but if you really think you won't be able to pass then yes, do the reduced course load thing. I thought I would be ok and didn't go for it....failed 1A...and basically spent a year feeling like a complete screw up.

  3. No. Its a waste. I failed 3 midterms in 1a and 1b and still got a 70 average (mechanical engineering).

    They try to freak you out with that talk but if you put in enough work for the second part of the term you'll be fine. Make sure when you're doing the assignments you REALLY understand whats going on, and not just reading the solution.