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Updated on Wednesday, October 15


QUESTION: Campus dentist versus UW plaza dentist? I find campus keeps good records for me. Plaza dentist is a little less fancy but is cheaper I believe. But still want to know what omg ask community thinks?


  1. ive been to both...campus dentist jips u of ur money big time and i like dr akkila from the plaza. he is honest and very helpful if you are in a lot of pain

  2. yeah...are you not jealous when you go see a dentist and realize how much money he just earned from a small consultation? even if you are in engineering.

  3. I had a pretty bad experience with campus dentist. In my first (and only) regular cleaning with them, the hygienist broke off my permanent retainer (which I'd had on for 4 years no problem) and said that I must've broken it off earlier; according to her, she just loosened it up a bit.
    I was told I'd have to go back in the next day and pay to have it reattached, and I was livid. But when I went in the next day, I told the dentist that I was positive it wasn't broken off beforehand, and she waived the fee. However, she told me that it was likely it would come off again in the next year.

    ... went to my orthodontist when I went back home after exams, who redid the reattachment and told me it would definitely last at least a couple years.

    So yea. Don't go to campus dentist if you have a permanent retainer.

  4. try applewood instead - way better booking times, nicer office, and great staff :)

  5. Campus dentist will not touch your permanent retainer for the most part, which is super frustrating.

    Don't be afraid to look farther off campus. There are a bunch of dentists in KW that are really good and not as expensive. I'm personally using one near Charles Street Terminal.