OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, October 15


QUESTION: I saw bunch of students taking water samples near the creek beside env buildings, and also a few weeks before some people were playing with things similar to a very short telescope. What class is this and what is that telescope thing?


  1. Probably civil/environmental engineers. The telescope thing would be surveying equipment.

    1. This is ENV turf, it's GEOG 310.

  2. could be field ecology for the water, and surveying for the telescsope. Surveying is Geog 310, I think ecology is Envs 200, but not sure

  3. If you saw this on Tuesday by the pumping well on ring road (the building on the colleges side that looks like a little gazebo) across from NH/ML, that was a hydrology lab (Earth 123L) doing the water samples. If it wasn't that far up ring road from the EV buildings, then I'm not sure what class it would be (probably what 2 said).

  4. GEOG 294 was doing sampling there using a swoffer

  5. The "very short telescope" is called a transit, by the way. At least, that's what I've always heard them called.

  6. My boyfriend is in earth science, he does water sampling in the field in most of his labs.