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Updated on Saturday, October 11


QUESTION: How difficult/easy is it to change from ARBUS to AFM? I feel like the arts and business mix is cool but I want more of the business side. Concerned because I know arts majors don't make much as much money as finance majors...


  1. It's a direcat entry to 1st year so you'll have to write afmaa which is sometime in March. Ask an advisor it's definitely possible if you meet gpa cutoffs which I think are 70.

  2. ^ wrong dude

    Terribly hard. You probably might have to repeat a year since they don't take you in without the AFMAA. They are really anal about people trying to join the program later for some reason..

  3. most likely, your first year ARBUS marks need to be in the 90s + good highschool marks + writing the AFMAA, this is because you are competing for spots with grade 12 students.
    furthermore, if you want to do finance, you should apply for math, farm, actsci, cfm