OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, October 9


QUESTION: If a straight guy says he loves to go to gay bars for the attention he receives there (ie. slaps on the ass etc) would that mean that he could be potentially gay or bi-curious?


  1. no, some guys just wanna be objectified, ya know? if he says he is straight, he's probably straight, because if he loves going there but hasnt experimented, its for a reason.

  2. It could mean a buttload of things. Girls dont hit on guys the way guys hit on girls so sometimes people want to know that they're hit-on-able if that makes sense.

    1. On my birthday, my friends pranked me by going on my Tinder and matching me with several hundred older gay men. Spent the next three days feeling like the hottest person on Earth, even though I felt bad about what my silent rejection was doing to their self esteems. :(

  3. I doubt it, but he obviously wants to feel attractive and sought after. Make him feel like that and who knows, he may give it a chance.

  4. Either he's VERY secure in his sexuality, or he's looking to explore a little. Could be either.

  5. just wants attention

  6. Only if you feel gay or bi-curious. Seriously, people's biggest sexuality hang up is thinking "Does this make me _______?"

    If it doesn't feel like it makes you _______ then you are probably not _______, you are just a sexually active being just like the rest of us.