OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, October 3


QUESTION: Career in what you excel in? Or career in what you want to do? (Assuming you can't have both)


  1. personally i have both right now in my part time job. i love it, it energizes me, i almost always leave work in a better mood than i arrived in, i have good, meaningful relationships with my coworkers, etc etc

    but it pays shit

  2. C: A career in what challenges me

    It's a reason why I chose to go to school for the subject I got the worst grades in, to show it who's boss

    1. thats like the worst idea i have heard. if you are barely passing your shit how do you expect to work in that field?

  3. Doing what you're good at will get old REALLY fast. It's a novelty until it's monotony. That being said, you still need to find something that you have some aptitude for so that there is room for success.

    Find something that challenges you, give you a sense of purpose and can afford you the lifestyle you want to have. Can't have it all? Then you need to figure out what you value most.

    There is no shame in pursing something and then changing your mind. Make the most of whatever choice you make, if it isn't ideal - awesome, you've learned something and are wiser for it.

  4. ^ I lack proofreading skills.

  5. That depends, if I excel in something, but don't hate it, then I will do that. But if I do what I like enough to pay the bills, then I will do that.

  6. Agree with 5, it really depends. If you like what you excel at, I would say do that. Trying to do what you think you like and sucking at it makes you start to like it less, while being successful boosts your self esteem and you like it more through association.