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Updated on Friday, October 3


QUESTION: Just want opinions on some good products to clean cartilage piercings. I would prefer something reasonable yet effective.


  1. Buy some sea salt and make sea salt water, and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz generously on the piercing, move it around, etc.

    1. What? Don't ever move your piercing around or twist it till it is fully fully healed. The crust can enter openings and 'cause and infection. It can also injure you

  2. i hear salt water/saline a lot, but some people use spectrogel, the kind that comes in the purple and white bottle. it's what i used with my tattoo but idk if people use it for piercings.

  3. mix equal parts ammonia and chlorine bleach for best results

  4. I used Cetaphil. I would rub it around my piercing and then wash it out. My roommate however, made a sea salt solution and actually dipped her ear in the solution for approx. 5 minutes. I think both methods work but it's important you only pick one and stick to that one.