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Updated on Wednesday, October 1


QUESTION: Has anyone ever taken SOC 202 with Richard Helmes-Hayes? What was your experience? Any tips on succeeding I'm his class? I find it very difficult to follow his training of thought and feel as though he jumps from one topic to the next


  1. no
    study hard

  2. Its sociology... write down everything he says as a bullet point and memorize, not hard

  3. I took that course about a year ago. It was difficult. He expected half of my class to drop out after the first midterm and was surprised that no one did (because it's a required course for SOC majors/minors). He often talked down to us as if we were being purposely stupid.
    It was hard to follow his lectures and unfortunately I found his voice made me doze off more than once (which I attempted to combat).
    I passed his midterms with marks around 60%, and failed the final. Passed the course with a 56, which is good because I didn't have to take it again (he's the only one who teaches that course and he has tenure), and really bad because it drags down my gpa in law school applications.

    1. OP: thank you. Yea i noticed he counted the numbers after the first midterm. I find it difficult to even ask him questions because of the way He relays the information and how he reacts. He thinks that it's basic information that we should all know.