OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, September 29


QUESTION: What do you do for dental? Do you use the one in the SLC, and if not, which other one would you suggest?


  1. I go to Dawson Dental on Northfield.
    It is okay. You get 10% for being a student and they are pretty nice.

  2. I have heard only negative things about the SLC dental place. I too go to Dawson Dental, although I go to the Kitchener location, and have only had positive experiences.

    If you're on the student plan it's completely free for a regular stuff and they file the insurance for you.

    1. I hear non-specific negative things about the SLC dentist?

      But what exactly do they do that is so bad?

    2. My source is reddit.

    3. @2a They take longer than they say so you might miss class, they find and fill "cavities" that your family dentist has never seen, etc. Just not a fun time.

  3. They charge a late fee if you're late or don't cancel within 2 business, yet they make you wait at least 20 minutes for your appointment. I am NEVER using the SLC Dentist again.