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Updated on Saturday, September 27


QUESTION: Has anyone completed the entirety of a PD course in one sitting? Would you recommend it?


  1. it depends on the course itself.
    i personally would've loved to do pd3 (communication) all in one sitting because it was just SO incredibly tedious with all the writing each week and i kept nearly forgetting the deadlines.
    that said, i would not have done pd9 (ethics) all in one sitting if i had to do it over because it was structured well enough to do it over the weeks and i didn't find it to be as tedious as pd3.

  2. I have. I would recommend it. You never have to look back on it until the end of the term.

  3. Why do the whole course when you can do half and get the same credit.

  4. Yes, you get pd done early get your 50% and never have to worry about it later in the term and that way you don't have to waste your tuesdays doing something so pointless.