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Updated on Friday, September 26


QUESTION: What are some simple dinners I can make for myself?


    Use this site, love this site.

    1. I love this site too! All the recipes are super easy and inexpensive to make. Highly recommend it!

  2. Here's one I make a lot - it's not very inspired, but you can make it pretty quickly. Take a chicken breast and cut it into half-inch strips. Pan fry on a medium heat for about 3 minutes per side.

    Lentil soup - combine 1 cup of lentils with 4 1/2 cups of water and a cube of chicken/beef/vegetable stock. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and once boiling, reduce heat to medium and boil for 25 minutes. Reduce to a simmer and add whatever spices you like (I add a tsp of cumin, curry, chili, and onion powder). Blend if you prefer a smoother soup. Makes enough for a side for two or three meals.

    Steamed broccoli - toss some broccoli florets in a microwave-safe bowl, add a tbsp of water, cover and nuke it for 1min, 15 seconds. Drain.
    There you go, a simple, healthful meal that just about anyone can make.

  3. Make rice.

    Make veggies (I like the frozen assorted kind with corn, carrots, peas and beans and stuff)

    Throw in buttered frying pan, add soya sauce for an easy delicious fried rice.

  4. one that is easy, but has a few steps:

    BBQ veggies: carrots, peppers, onions
    boil bowtie pasta (one of the boxes you can buy at the store, looks like two kraft dinner boxes)
    Add bbq veggies and tomatoes
    Add cheese: Asiago, Parmesan, goat (1/3 cup each, grated)\
    Add all the fresh herbs you like
    Heat olive oil (1/4 cup), add minced garlic (1-2 tablespoons) (or pressed, basically small pieces)
    Pour over pasta/veggies/cheese


  5. Look up one-pot pasta and rice, it's literally just tossing everything in at once and having a fucking incredible meal when you take off the lid 20 mins later.

    Get tortillas or pitas and make pizzas with them. Or just get pizza bases.

    Toss a bunch of garlic cloves into the oven with oil, no need to peel or chop, in low-ish heat. Meanwhile, pour in some chopped tomatoes, juices and all, straight from a can, into a pan with oil. Put the lid on and let them cook under low heat. Get your beautiful squishy roasted garlic out, peel it and put that into the sauce as well and let it infuse with the lid on. Add some water if it's looking dry. Come back 10 mins later, season it and you've got the sexiest pasta sauce.

    Boil a whole bunch of rice or quinoa or whatever in advance(add a bit of stock cube/powder for deliciousness). Make a load of chili in advance(it's super easy, look it up). Then make the most beautiful burrito bowls whenever you're hungry by taking that shit and topping it with whatever fresh shit you want, like cheese, veggies, meat, eggs.

    Make single-serving desserts in the microwave. There's loads of recipes online.

    Always keep eggs.

    Go for whole grains.

    Go for cheaper proteins more often like beans and cottage cheese and eggs to fill up but stay in budget.

    Stay healthy. Be a nutritious MOFO no wind can knock over.

    1. Great advice. I'd just like to add that brown rice > white rice.

  6. A trip to a restaurant.

  7. <-- Add baby spinach for fibre/vitamins/goodforyou <-- Use like half the butter they tell you to use, serve with rice and Naan

    These things are pretty easy to make and give you meals for a few days.

    If you want reallllly simple, just make spaghetti with store-bought sauce and ground beef. Just make sure the beef is cooked through before you add the sauce and noodles.

  8. real men make their women cook. make em cook

    1. Usually I'm okay with sexist jokes, but fuck you I love cooking.

    2. Glad you enjoy the pre-made frozen meals from your mom :)