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Updated on Friday, September 26


QUESTION: Compared to what you originally wanted from university has your direction for the future changed now that you're here?


  1. What I wanted from university was a degree. I thought that it was school. For me, it's turned into something more. I'll spare you the gory details of my love affair with UW because I know I'm one of the few that feels this way- but its true. Coming to UW changed my life a complete 180.

    Say what you will about the school. I don't care.

    1. Waterloo is a bad romance.
      Waterloo breaks your heart but makes you stronger.
      You will always hate Waterloo, but love it because it made you a better person.
      You would watch the school burn but you'd respect.
      You trash talk this place but you know the wounds of your heart have made you a more prepared individual.
      Waterloo is your mortal enemy but you'd give it the burial of a general.

      The truth? I hate this place, I despise it like a bad ex girlfriend but I would not change a single thing about this school or my experience in it.

      Fuck you Waterloo but thanks.

    2. Or you're full of shit 1a. This is just a school and your experiences here are largely determined by your own actions.

    3. I agree with 1 and 1b.

      I've had great experiences at this school, and 1a is full of shit

  2. Yeah. I thought I liked math before I came here.

    Here I learned I love it.

  3. Always wanted PhD, on my way to get it.

  4. About to graduate and still as clueless as ever

  5. Came in clueless other than the fact I wanted to do math. Realize now what I want to do but I regret not working towards it earlier. At least I know now but it'll take a bit longer than it could have.

  6. I thought I was going to be rich and be a doctor of psychology.. Went in Arbus co-op dropped down to arts psych then General psych.. Now I worked with kids and think I'm gunna go to college after

  7. i was side tracked a bit after first year (lot of partying), but i got back on track when i realized that what i was doing in waterloo math was truly what i wanted. So i buckled up after a bad year and made it work, and came to love the university, my program and the opportunities that come with it.

  8. Yeah. I'm now using it as a stepping-stone to law school.

  9. I made a bad choice of not researching job opportunities enough, and decided that I would pick my favourite subject, study that, and the rest would eventually pave the way for the future for me.

    I wished I had done a victory lap during high school, or took one or two years off to take college courses to find my interests before studying my decided career path. But I know that I would have never followed that advice, and would still follow my friends to university while spending thousands of dollars only to contemplate my future.

    But now, Waterloo had really made me really appreciate the fact that I chose co-op, even though it was on a last minute whim. If I didn't have the opportunity to try out different placements, while still being able to pay off my tuition each term- I would've just dropped out. More or less, compared to before and now, I'm still lost. Just not as much anymore :)