OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, September 24


QUESTION: Is there a debate club at Waterloo?


  1. Yes there is. I believe you can get in touch by emailing

  2. OP, as an alternative to debate club, there's also a competition called UGMT (Undergrad Mock Trials) at UW. I used to be a participant in the past...and they have some sickkkk awards. The team that comes in first place gets a scholarship from Miller Thomson LLP. l heard that this year, they have a bunch of other law firms sponsoring them too so yeah, that's something to think about. They have info on their fb page. I think you'll find it under the name of "Undergrad Mock Trials Canada" or "Clause Undergraduate Mock Trials Canada." I'm applying as a participant this year too, so if you take part, I look forward to competing with you!