OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, September 22


QUESTION: Do anyone else have problems with frequent urination? How do you deal with it at work?

I went 6 times today in the 3 hours before lunch.

I did not drink any water.


  1. Have you gone to see a doctor?

  2. Your body is probably letting out toxins that way. You're probably aren't sweating at all

  3. Yeah, that sounds like a few medical conditions.

    It could indicate diabetes, so you should see a doctor ASAP.

  4. If this is a new thing, and you feel the *urge* to pee rather than actually needing to go, you may have a UTI.

  5. Sometimes I feel I need to go, but if I don't I can actually hold for a while. If this is your case then it's normal.

  6. I wake up several times during the night to go pee. Always at least once.
    I've been to the doctor and gotten blood work and all that, and nothing's wrong,
    Apparently I may just have a small bladder.

    Just telling you thing so you don't freak out thinking you may have cancer or diabetes. It could be nothing.

  7. I am going to track my intake/outake for a while before I see a doc (how embarrassing).

    It is usually a full clear outake.

    Thanks for the concern everybody.

  8. Do you drink a lot before bed, and not go before sleeping? Could just be your body clearing out everything from the night before

  9. If you're a gal, I often find that I have a more difficult time holding it in before and during my period. It usually gets better after.

    That being said, your case sounds a little extreme. Like others have said: please go see a doctor.