OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, September 19


QUESTION: If during an coop interview, you found out that their job is not what you want at all. Is it ok to just tell them don't hire me, or I shouldn't say that and just give them 9 if they rank me?


  1. You can still get matched even if you rank them 9. True story.

    1. ^ Happened to me too. I would recommend just telling them you're not interested anymore after learning more about the position.

  2. go to the front desk at TC and fill in an omit form

  3. I would be upfront with the employer. Some people say not to but i'm sure the employer will appreciate it as they don't want to be matched with somebody who doesn't want the job as they could also have potentially ranked others who want the job higher. It isn't that easy to have TC remove you from consideration (financial, location, travel etc are not valid reasons). They only way you can get out is if the ad misrepresented the job or there is a conflict of interest or something.