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Updated on Thursday, September 18


QUESTION: For counselling services, if I'm in math faculty should I go to the one in MC for math students instead of the service at Needles Hall? Does it make a difference?


  1. that's up to you and which counsellors you feel will suit you best in your schedule and in your sessions.

    as a math student, i've been to both and i personally prefer the counsellor in MC that i see just because i find it's more convenient to walk right upstairs after i finish class AND i feel as though she's helped me more in our sessions.

    if you don't like the counsellor you end up seeing or you don't feel that they're really helping you, just see another one :)
    it's not hard to switch and they won't get offended!
    and if you don't feel counselling is the right treatment for you in the end, that's ok too. you don't have to keep going if you feel it's not helping.

    all the same, good luck man!
    i hope it all works out for you.

  2. Maybe someone in Math can confirm, but I was under the impression that in MC you find the academic counsellors, ones who will help you figure out if you're a right fit for the program or which courses you should take to graduate on time with a minor.
    The counsellors in Needles Hall are personal counsellors, who help you with issues like stress or depression.

    Either way feel free to go to either or both. If they can't help you, ask them to direct you to someone who can.